Is Rainbow Six Siege Crossplay? Everything You Need to Know in 2024

As the gaming community continues to evolve, crossplay capabilities have become a highly sought-after feature. One game that frequently comes up in this discussion is Rainbow Six Siege. If you’re wondering, “Is Rainbow Six Siege crossplay?” then you’ve come to the right place. This comprehensive guide will dive deep into the current state of crossplay for Rainbow Six Siege in 2024, covering everything from key details and timelines to public reactions and future prospects.

Key Takeway

To answer the burning question, “Is Rainbow Six Siege crossplay?”—Yes, Rainbow Six Siege does support crossplay, but with some limitations that you should be aware of:

  • Crossplay is available between PC and cloud gaming platforms.
  • Console players (PlayStation and Xbox) can also play together.
  • PC players cannot crossplay with console players.



The development and implementation of crossplay in Rainbow Six Siege involve several key players:

  • Ubisoft: The primary developer and publisher of Rainbow Six Siege.
  • Console Manufacturers: Sony (PlayStation) and Microsoft (Xbox) have a significant role in enabling crossplay functionality on their platforms.
  • Cloud Gaming Services: Services like Google Stadia and Amazon Luna are also part of the crossplay ecosystem.

These entities work together to ensure a seamless crossplay experience, balancing technical constraints and user preferences.

is rainbow six siege crossplay

Timeline of Events

The journey towards crossplay in Rainbow Six Siege has been gradual:

  • 2015: Rainbow Six Siege was initially released without any crossplay functionality.
  • 2020: Ubisoft announced plans to introduce crossplay in the future, starting with internal testing phases.
  • 2022: Crossplay between PC and cloud gaming platforms was officially launched.
  • 2023: Console crossplay between PlayStation and Xbox was implemented, expanding the game’s multiplayer reach.
  • 2024: Continuous updates and optimizations to improve crossplay performance and address community feedback.


The introduction of crossplay in Rainbow Six Siege has had significant impacts:

  • Personal Lives: Gamers can now play with friends across different platforms, enhancing social interaction and community building. This has made it easier for friends who own different consoles to enjoy the game together.
  • Professional Lives: For professional gamers and streamers, crossplay has broadened their audience and competitive landscape. It has also led to more diverse and inclusive tournaments.

Public and Media Reactions

The public and media have had varied reactions to the introduction of crossplay in Rainbow Six Siege:

  • Positive Feedback: Many players appreciate the ability to play with friends on different platforms, leading to positive reviews and increased player engagement.
  • Criticism: Some players have expressed concerns about balancing issues, particularly between PC and console players, which is why crossplay between these platforms remains restricted.
  • Media Coverage: Gaming publications and influencers have extensively covered the crossplay updates, generally highlighting the positive aspects while also discussing areas for improvement.

Future Plans

Looking ahead, Ubisoft has several plans to enhance the crossplay experience in Rainbow Six Siege:

  • Expanded Crossplay: There are ongoing discussions about potentially enabling crossplay between PC and consoles, but this would require significant balancing adjustments.
  • Technical Improvements: Ubisoft aims to optimize the crossplay functionality further, reducing latency and improving matchmaking algorithms.
  • Community Events: Expect more crossplay-focused events and tournaments to encourage player participation and engagement.

These future prospects indicate a commitment to making Rainbow Six Siege a more inclusive and accessible game for all players, regardless of their platform.

In summary, the question “Is Rainbow Six Siege crossplay?” can be answered with a resounding yes, albeit with some limitations. Crossplay is available between PC and cloud gaming platforms, as well as between PlayStation and Xbox consoles. This feature has significantly impacted both personal and professional gaming experiences, received mixed reactions from the public and media, and has promising future prospects. As Ubisoft continues to refine and expand crossplay capabilities, Rainbow Six Siege is set to become even more inclusive and engaging for its diverse player base.

For the latest updates and more detailed insights into Rainbow Six Siege crossplay, stay tuned to official announcements and community forums. Happy gaming!

is rainbow six siege crossplay